Be mindful when showing Display ads to a small or long-term list of people

Google Ads has a campaign setting called Frequency management and the default is “Let Google Ads optimize how often your ads show (recommended)”. This setting is OK for a short-term campaign, but over the long-term or with a small list it can be really annoying. Because Google Ads wants to maximise their profit from displaying your ads, they will try to show your ad as often as possible within your budget. Even showing the exact same ad multiple times on the same page. This can start to really bother people. It’s possible to have too much of a good thing, right? Instead, limit your long-term ads to no more than 15–25 impressions over a month so that you’re present, but not in their face. To be honest, I still prefer less than that for long-term campaigns because people can get ad fatigue. Over the long-term it may be better to mix up a greater range of creatives and content marketing pieces into the promotions so that your ads don’t feel like promotional harassment.

Petra Manos is the Chief Google Nerd at The Quantified Web. The Quantified Web is a High ROI Google Ads (PPC) agency specialising in Ecommerce.