Is there a way to duplicate a Google Ads campaign?

Google Ads Tip #14 by Petra Manos of The Quantified Web. We manage Google Ads and Google Analytics projects for our clients.

Yes! You can copy a Google Ads campaign to create a new campaign. A copied campaign has the same structure and settings as the original campaign.

I recommend copying campaigns or using an experiment if you want to make a significant change to a campaign, such as changing the bidding model for an established campaign. If a campaign undergoes a significant change, it will go back into Learning mode, and then any past learning that your campaign had acquired will be lost. Losing the past learning can be particularly detrimental to ecommerce businesses that rely on achieving Return on Ad Spend targets to make a profit, because losing the learnings will mean Google needs to start over with building the data for these targets.

Since you might want to be able to revert back to the old bidding model, it is better to duplicate a campaign, pause the original, make the changes and then activate the new one.

To duplicate a campaign, you’ll need to sign into Google Ads and click Campaigns.

Check the box next to the campaign or campaigns that you’d like to duplicate.

From the “Edit” drop-down menu, select Copy (or Control-C for PCs, Command-C for Macs).

Open the “Edit” drop-down menu again, and select Paste (or Control-V for PCs, Command-V for Macs). Don’t forget to check the box next to “Pause new campaigns after pasting” if you don’t want your copied campaigns to start running immediately.

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