What should I do if my Google Ads account has been suspended?

Google Ads Tip #36 by Petra Manos of The Quantified Web. We manage Google Ads and Google Analytics projects for our clients.

Google normally only suspends accounts if they suspect dishonest business practices, misleading ads or intentionally concealing information.

Possibilities leading to an account suspension may include payment and billing issues, poor business operations (eg not doing or selling what you advertise) or displaying different content/URLs to users compared to the URLs they expect when they click through to your site.

Simple and/or occasional errors in ads would normally only lead to an ad being disapproved. That being said, I have worked with a client to reverse Google’s decision to suspend their account after the client accidentally set their daily budgets too high.

So how should you fix your Google Ads account if it has been suspended?

In order to remove the suspension, you first need to review Google’s advertising policies in detail and make sure to make changes to resolve disapproved ads or other errors.
In many cases, you won’t have a specific error to fix as it will simply give you an error stating that your Google Ads account has been suspended for “circumventing systems”. In this case, you will want to review your account with a fine-tooth comb, or have an agency audit your account. You may get some help from Google Ads support, or they may dismiss your request for help, depending on the cause of your account being suspended.

The good news is that if the cause of your account being suspended was accidental, it is possible to reverse Google’s decision.

Once you’ve identified and rectified the error in your account visit the Help Center and submit the appeal using their form at https://support.google.com/google-ads/contact/pf_suspended

It is helpful to describe where you made the mistake and what actions you took to resolve it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. It may also benefit you to have an agency submit the appeal as they can word this well for you.

Once you submit the form. Google will assign a specialist to your case. They will review your application and respond within 3–5 business days. When I have done this on behalf of my client they simply reversed the suspension and send an email letting us know that the account was able to be used again.

If Google Ads does not reverse the suspension then their rules will prohibit you from creating another account for the same business.

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